Commercial Solar Installation

Commercial Solar Installation

Commercial Solar Installation

Cali One Services offer Commercial Solar Installation with energy saving solutions to maximize financial gain and reduce energy consumption. We provide expert evaluations to determine annual energy usage. And then custom-design the most cost-effective solar PV system for your commercial building. We create innovative and seamless commercial solar energy systems that fit any budget. And, we use name-brand solar products because they are unbeatable in power output and efficiency. We also offer a 25 Year warranty for all commercial installations.

Certified Solar Technicians

Our certified solar technicians create premier PV systems using Tier 1 solar panels, inverters, and batteries. And, our team has 20+ years of experience delivering professional commercial solar installation and systems that meet any budget. We are prompt, precise and efficient.

We’ll assess your solar potential to establish what size system is best for your business. Then, get the necessary permits to tie your energy system to the power grid. We even provide the financing and get you all the tax credits available at the time of installation.

Invest in Solar Energy and Benefit

 Lower Utility Bills

  • Utility rates are increasing every year. So why not get ahead of the curve and reduce your bill by producing your own free energy. Depending on your system size, you could reduce your annual electricity bill by 80% or even 100%!

 Clean Renewable Energy

  • The Sun provides an infinite source of light. This light, called Photons, is what solar panels take in to create power. It is clean, harmless and sustainable.

 Decrease Reliance on Gas/Oil 

  • Coal, Gas, and Oil are the primary sources for electricity. When we burn these “fossil fuels”, it pollutes the atmosphere with carbon dioxide. Using solar panels for energy reduces the demand for these harmful energy sources. This equates to a cleaner world for everyone.

 Net Metering

  • Net metering allows you to save even more money. And is only available for grid-tied or hybrid PV systems. If net metering is available in your area, the utility company will credit your power bill for the energy you give them. If net metering is not an option, the power company will mail you a check for the energy you provide the grid.

Help the Earth by Producing Clean Renewable Energy

  • The Sun provides an infinite source of light. This light, called Photons, is what solar panels take in to create power. It is clean, harmless and sustainable.



Commercial Solar
Commercial Solar

Types of Commercial Solar Installations

Commercial Grid-Tied Solar Systems


Grid-Tied means the solar panel system connects into the local utility grid. As long as your PV system is generating all the power you need, you won’t be using energy from the power company. And if your solar system is creating extra wattage, it feeds into the local energy grid for use by the community. You save even more money by giving your surplus energy to the power company. This is known as Net Metering.

With a grid-tied system you can still rely on the power company when the PV system is not producing enough power.

At night when the panels are not generating electricity, you will also use energy from the grid. If there is a power outage or blackout, a grid-tied solar system will lose power.

Commercial Hybrid Solar Systems

These Solar PV Systems are also designed for Residential or Commercial buildings. With this option, we add a storage battery to our innovative Grid-tied PV system. Using a battery will reduce utility cost by even more.

A backup battery will supply power at night. Or when the panels are not able to produce enough energy due to rainy/dark days. Batteries have come a long way in terms of technology and size. They are more efficient and cost-effective than ever before.

Battery Storage also allows for the use of surplus power during peak demand hours. At certain times of the day (usually weekdays noon-6), energy usage throughout a city is at it’s highest. During these peak hours, the electric company charges more for energy consumption. By using solar panels and battery power during these peak hours you will save even more money. A battery also offers security because it provides electricity even if there is a power outage.

The location of your PV system is key to successful energy production. For commercial buildings, a rooftop mount is very popular. Roof-mounted systems tend to be more affordable than the alternative. A ground-mounted system is the next best option if a roof system is not ideal for your site.

Commercial Solar Roof-Mounted Solar Installations

Roof Mounts are the most common for a commercial solar energy system. A rooftop system is easy to install and utilizes unneeded space. It also protects the roof from the elements.

Roof mounts are built by mounting brackets to the existing roof. The solar panels hook into these brackets. They are secure, stable and need little to no maintenance. Our expert technicians will determine if your roof is a good candidate for solar panels. We base this decision on the slope of the roof, shade and the roof’s condition.

Commercial Solar Roof Mounts

  • Tend to be more affordable than Ground Mounts
  • Available for almost any style roof that receives adequate sunlight
  • Do not take up extra space
  • Protect the Roof from the elements

Ground-Mounted Solar Installations

Ground Mounts are a great option if the roof isn’t the ideal system location. We build them by attaching a rack to metal posts dug deep into the ground. The solar panels hook into the rack and angle toward the sun. This option can include a tracker system that changes the angle of the solar panels to follow the sun. The ability to track the sun results in more solar intake and higher energy production.

  • Solar can be built anywhere the sun shines
  • Tracker systems move with the changing arc of the sun
  • Are easy to access for annual maintenance
  • The angle of the panels is easily adjustable
  • Can be utilized as a shade arbor
Commercial Solar

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