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Home Solar Installation

Cali One Services uses advanced software to streamline the entire Home Solar Installation process. From ingenious design to no-hassle financing, we make it easy and affordable.

When it comes to Home Solar Installation we understand that transitioning to solar energy can be daunting at first. Luckily, we simplify the entire solar installation process. From initial custom-designs to grid integration, you can be sure you’re in good hands. And, once the solar installation is complete, we’ll walk you thru the specifics of how your individual solar PV unit works. You’ll be able to monitor your electricity production using a simple software interface.

Why Cali One Services?

Cali One Services employs licensed technicians with expert knowledge of residential and commercial solar installations.

  • Specializing in energy saving upgrades to your home with up to 100% financing.
  • We design and build true turn-key solar energy systems that last for decades.
  • Our products & installations come with a 25-Year Warranty.
  • With high-performance brands like Panasonic, LG Chem, Enphase, SolarEdge, CanadianSolar and UNIRAC that fit any size budget.
  • Proficient in solar permitting & expertly skilled at tying into the Utility Grid.
  • Paying for your solar installation is easy with zero-down financing.


Home Solar
Home Solar

Residential Solar System Installation

Solar Panel Technology is known as Photovoltaic or PV. The name comes from 2 combined Greek words. “Photo” meaning “Light” and “Voltaic” meaning “Electricity”. This technology has been around for over 100 years. The first solar cell was actually produced in 1883.

How Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems Work

Solar Panels are made up of tiny photovoltaic cells. These cells absorb the sun’s light rays and then create Electrons. The movement of these electrons creates Electricity as a Direct Current (DC).

  • The Solar Module then connects to an Inverter that converts this Direct Current to Alternating Current (AC) making it available for use.
  • AC feeds into the home’s electrical system via the breaker box to power appliances, HVAC and all electrical outlets.
  • If a Backup Battery is connected, the battery stores extra energy created by the panels for use at night or during peak usage hours.
  • For a Grid-Tied System, you will still have the luxury of using electricity from the utility company if the panels are not supplying enough power due to excess wattage use or a series of dark/rainy days
  • However, if your system creates more than enough electricity, the unused energy will feed into the local power grid. If net metering is available in your area, the utility company will credit your power bill for the energy you give them. When net metering is not an option, the power company will mail you a check for the energy you provide to the grid.


Key Element to Solar Power is Sunlight and plenty of it.

To determine where a Solar PV system is best located for your home, we look for a south-facing spot for the highest sunlight potential. If that isn’t an option, a west-facing site may be chosen. The more power your solar PV system produces, the less you’ll need to purchase from the utility company. Depending on the size system you choose, you can decrease your electric bill by 10%, 40% or even 100%. It’s all up to you how much solar power you want to generate.

Where would you like your Solar Power System built?


Roof-Mounted Solar Installations

Solar Panel Roof Top Systems are the most common for a home solar energy system. Roof Solar Mounted Systems are built by mounting brackets to the existing roof. The solar panels hook into these brackets. They are secure, stable and require little to no maintenance. Our expert technicians will determine if your roof is a good candidate for solar panels based on the slope of the roof, shade and the roof’s condition.

Roof Mounts:

  • Tend to be more affordable than Ground Mounts
  • Can be installed on almost any type of roof
  • Do not take up additional space
  • Protect the Roof from the elements

Ground-Mounted Solar Installations

Ground Mounts are a great option if the roof isn’t the ideal solar panel location. Ground Mounts are built by attaching a rack to metal posts dug deep into the ground. The solar panels hook into the rack and angle toward the sun.

Ground Mounts:

  • Built anywhere the sun shines
  • Moves with the changing arc of the sun
  • Are easy to access for annual maintenance
  • The angle of the panels is easily adjustable
  • May be utilized as a shade arbor

Get Solarized with Cali One Services!

The Three Types of Home Solar Installations we offer:

Grid-Tied Solar– These Solar PV Systems are for Residential or Commercial buildings. Grid-Tied means the solar panel system connects into the local utility power grid. As long as your PV system is generating all the power you need, you won’t be using energy from the power company. And if your solar system is creating extra wattage, it feeds into the local energy grid for use by the community. Giving the electrical company the extra energy your system produces will add up to even more savings!

Should the solar energy system not generate enough power for your needs, you can always rely on the power company. With this system you will use energy from the grid at night when the panels are not generating electricity. If the grid has a power outage or blackout, the grid-tied solar system will not work until the utility grid is running again.

Hybrid – These Solar PV Systems are also designed for Residential or Commercial buildings. We take our innovative Grid-tied solar energy system and add a storage battery to save extra energy. Using a battery will reduce utility cost by even more.

A backup battery will supply power at night. Or when the panels are not able to produce enough energy due to rainy/dark days. Batteries have come a long way in terms of technology and size. They are more efficient and cost-effective than ever before.

Off-Grid – This type of Solar PV system is not connected to the power grid. And, they are faster and easier to install because they don’t need to be tied into the utility company. An off-grid installation is an independent source of electricity and can be built anywhere the sun shines.

Home Solar Panel Systems

Solar panels create the electricity for the home and charge the battery if one is connected. When a battery is not used, a generator is another option. With this type of energy system, the home gets power at night from the battery or generator.

Off-Grid solar systems are particularly great for rural or remote areas.

If the power grid goes down due to a blackout or power outage, these systems are not affected. Most off-grid systems require an energy saving plan to moderate the electricity usage so that the battery isn’t tapped out completely due to overuse.

Invest in your Future by going Solar today!

Benefits of a Home solar energy installation

  • Lower your Electric Bill & Start Saving Money – Utility rates are increasing every year. Get ahead of the curve and reduce your bill with solar panels. By selling extra energy the system creates to the utility company you’ll save even more money.
  • Increase your Property Value

Installing a solar PV system can increase property value by an average of $15,000. In most cases, that’s more than the cost of the actual solar installation.

  • Help the Earth by Producing Clean Renewable Energy

The Sun provides an infinite source of light. This light, called Photons, is what solar panels take in to create power for homes or businesses. It is clean, harmless and sustainable.

  • Decrease Reliance on Gas/Oil (Carbon Footprint)

Coal, Gas, and Oil are the primary sources for electricity. When we burn these “fossil fuels”, it pollutes the atmosphere with carbon dioxide. Using Solar Panels for energy reduces the demand for these harmful energy sources.

  • Enjoy the Off-Grid Lifestyle

Off-Grid PV installations do not need a connection to the local utility company. They are self-sufficient and energy independent. If the power grid goes down, you will still have power. These systems are perfect if you live in a rural where connecting to the grid would be costly.

  • Gain Energy Security

Keep your home and family safe and secure. Having your own electricity system eliminates vulnerabilities and supports a green, sustainable economy.

Enjoy The Many Benefits Of Solar Power

With the many benefits for you and the planet, Solar is by far the best option for creating renewable clean energy.

Commit in 2020 and you will qualify for a 26% savings with the Federal Solar Tax Credit. This percentage will decrease next year and by 2022 will stabilize at only 10%.

Upgrade, Save Energy, Watch the Value of your Home Improve.

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